Innocent, 2: (Not That) Innocent


“The one you love is Yu Shi, not me.”

“How come the same person can have two completely different personalities?”

Lovers sometimes have different dreams in the same bed. In your subconscious, are you a cunning rabbit or an insatiable black panther? Who’s the prey and who will be the predator tonight? I couldn’t help being a tease and tantalize but I refuse you seizing me by force.

Little did I know the person I’m jealous of is in fact myself. Two personalities share one body. The animal instinct that was once suppressed, is now about to erupt…. (Source: GagaOOlala)



**Note** You do not have to watch Innocent, 1 to understand this episode. However, it may help you understand a little more about the characters.


  • Main Characters
    • Blake Chang Wu Zheng
    • Yi Da Dian Zheng Yu Shi / Noah


The Show


Tags: BL, Psychological, Romance, Drama, Dissociative Identity Disorder, LGBTQ+, Childhood Trauma, Tragic Past, Gay Romance, Miniseries, Gay Male Lead, Innocent Male Lead, Steamy Kiss, Cohabitation, BlakeYi, YiBlake