2 Moons, 3: The Ambassador

This sequel continues from where 2 Moons left off and will show the progression of all three returning couples.

Pha has to persevere in times of helplessness as Wayo’s incriminating pictures and videos have been released by Park and Pring. The story will show the progression of their relationship after that scenario.

Ming and Kit will have to learn to develop and mature in their relationship, while Forth and Beam will also settle down and progress in theirs. Two new couples are also being included. Their storylines are more along the “rival to lovers” sort of scenario. One of the pairs includes Suthee, the medicine moon. (Source: Soju at MyDramaList)

~~ Adapted from the novel series “Moon Courting Moon” (เดือนเกี้ยวเดือน) by Chiffon_cake.

Production Information

  • Known As
    • 2 Moons, 3: The Ambassador
    • 2 Moons 3
    • เดือนเกี้ยวเดือน The Final Season
    • เดือนเกี้ยวเดือน
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  • Country
    • Thailand
  • Category
    • Series
  • Duration
    • 12 Episodes (42 min. each)
  • Rating
    • 15+
  • Director
    • Note Pannapan Songkham
  • Screenwriter
    • Fluke Teerapat Lohanan
  • Original Release Date
    • 10 October 2022
  • Main Characters
    • Danny Bandit Disatharit Tharntatch
    • Mark Vachara Promma Lomnaw
    • Hue Chasit Karapim Phana
    • Park Anantadej Sodsee Wayo
    • Eiffel Chris Chen Ming
    • Toey Nathapong Sing-on Kit
    • Prame Pumipat Paiboon Forth
    • Payu Khunnaphat Jaroenchim Beam
  • Supporting Characters
    • Boss Rattaket Santimahakul Toon
    • Jao Khathayut Tong
    • Plai Chattrin Chotticomporn Panon
    • Pan Jirachot Chotticomporn Paluk
    • James Punnaphat Danaiarunphat Lucknam



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