Alternative Love, 1

Chang Jie secretly has a crush on You Xie but dares not to make a move because he and You Xie’s girlfriend were friends. After an unexpected one-night stand with You Xie, You Xie decided to leave his girlfriend for him. The girlfriend fights for You Xie and will do anything to break them apart.

Production Information

  • Main Characters
    • Wang Liang
    • Han You Xi
  • Supporting Characters
    • Miao Qing
    • Chang Jie
    • Ni TianNian
    • Lin Ruona
  • Guest Appearances
    • He Huan
    • Zhang Yilu
    • Li Liang
    • JiaNan Hailin
    • Lu Zixuan
    • Guan Song

The Show

The Movie


Tags: Romance, Youth, Gay Male Lead, Gay Romance, Bisexual Male Lead, LGBTQ+, Student Male Lead, Friends To Enemies, University, Break Up, Secret Crush, Revenge