A Love Song For My Beloved

That is a lot of dynamics going on, with each coupling facing new challenges and new paths to follow. What this series showed in great depth is how unconditional love works. What its parameters are and how much willingness there is to see to its end.

It also displays that forgiveness and redemption go hand in hand with the foundation being the acknowledgement of your own wrongdoings. (Source: blblissauthor)

Production Information

  • Known As
    • A Love Song For My Beloved
    • Ban Tinh Ca Cho Em
    • Bản Tình Ca Cho Em
  • Country
    • Vietnam
  • Category
    • Series
  • Duration
    • 7 Episodes (17 min. each)
  • Rating
    • Not Yet Rated
  • Director
    • Holy Thắng
  • Executive Producer
    • Jolie Lai 
  • Original Release Date
    • 16 February 2022
  • Main Characters
    • Trần Minh Hào Kỳ Phương
    • Nguyễn Minh Hiếu Bảo Anh
    • Toku Nghĩa Hoàng Hải 
    • Trần Trí Trung Lưu Bình
    • Bá Tăng Minh Hiếu Trong Tuấn
    • Hoài Trang Trần Uyển Mi 
    • Trương Hoàng Đạt Minh Văn
    • Miu July Uyển Nghi
    • Lý Tuấn Phong An Kha



The Show

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Episode 1 (Cut Version)

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7


Special Episode


Behind The Scenes


Tags: Gay Characters, LGBTQ+, Gay Romance,  Romance