‘Cause You’re My Boy, 1


This is the story of Mork, a grade eleven mischievous boy who sells porn DVDs at his father’s barbershop. When his father leaves a handsome boy Tee in the middle of a haircut, Mork attempts his first haircut, which ends in Tee having a terrible haircut and leaving extremely mad. Thus begins rounds of revenge between the two boys.

One day, when Tee is with his girlfriend Bambie, Mork hands gay porn DVDs to Tee. This leads Bambie and the rest of the school to believe that Tee is gay and Bambie leaves Tee. Mork is then asked by Tee to “take responsibility” and asks him to be a make-believe boyfriend to make Bambie jealous and get back together with her. During the course of their make-believe relationship, however, they start to develop real feelings for each other.


  • Known As
    • ‘Cause You’re My Boy
    • อาตี๋ของผม
    • My Uncle Tee
    • My Tee
    • ‘Cause You Are My Boy
    • My Chinese Boy
    • A Tee Khong Phom
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  • Country
    • Thailand
  • Category
    • Series
  • Duration
    • 12 Episodes (45 min. each)
  • Rating
    • 15+
  • Director
    • Andy Rachyd Kusolkulsiri
  • Screenwriters
    • Andy Rachyd Kusolkulsiri
    • Kwang Latika Chumpoo
  • Executive Producer
    • X Nuttapong Mongkolsawas
    • Tha Sataporn Panichraksapong
  • Original Release Date
    • 23 June 2018
  • Main Characters
    • Frank Thanatsaran Samthonglai “Tee” Mungkorn Jiaranontanan
    • Drake Sattabut Laedeke “Mork” Nueamork Jirapakpinit
    • Phuwin Tangsakyuen Morn
    • Neo Trai Nimtawat Gord
  • Supporting Characters
    • Khaotung Thanawat Ratanakitpaisan Au
    • AJ Chayapol Jutamas Ton
    • Noon Sutthipha Kongnawdee Bambie
    • Ciize Apichaya Saejung Ching
    • Amp Phurikulkrit Chusakdiskulwibul Lek
    • Took Chanokwanun Rakcheep Mei
    • Ake Chamanun Wanwinwasara Tul
    • Nui Chernyim Moo
    • Blossom Chananchida Rungpetcharat “Blossom” / “Som”
  • Guest Appearances
    • Win Kittiphong Lerganjanoi Arm (Ep. 1)
    • Nui Suporn Sangkaphibal [Tee’s grandmother]


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Tags: BL, Comedy, Romance, Youth, Drama, LGBTQ+, Adapted From A Novel, Friends To Lovers, High School, Gay Male Lead, Poor Male Lead, Rich Male Lead, Bromance, Student Male Lead, Gay Romance, FrankDrake, DrakeFrank, PhuwinNeo, NeoPhuwin