Intimate Strangers

Lifelong friends and married couple Seok Ho and Ye Jin, invite their close friends over for a housewarming dinner. They end up playing a game where they must share all new incoming messages and calls of their cell phones.

Initially starting off lightly, the game gets more and more uncomfortable as hidden truths start to surface, making them start to feel more like strangers. (Source: Wikipedia)

~~ Remake of the Italian movie “Perfect Strangers” (Perfetti sconosciuti) [2016].

  • Main Characters
    • Yoo Hae Jin Tae Soo
    • Cho Jin Woong Seuk Ho
    • Lee Seo Jin Joon Mo
    • Yeom Jung Ah Soo Hyun
    • Kim Jee Soo Ye Jin
    • Song Ha Yoon Se Kyung
    • Yoon Gyung Ho Young Bae
  • Supporting Characters
    • Ji Woo So Young
    • Jung Ji Hoon Joon Mo [Young]
    • Hwang Jae Won Suk Ho [Young]
    • Choi Sun Ja [Tae Soo’s mother]
  • Guest Appearances
    • Lee Soon Jae [Young’s father’s voice]
    • Lee Do Kyung [Ye Jin’s father’s voice]
    • Ra Mi Ran [Kim So Wol’s voice]
    • Jo Jung Suk [Yun Woo’s voice]
    • Jo Dal Hwan [Detective Kang Kyung Joon’s voice]
    • Kim Min Kyo [Mi Soo’s voice]
    • Choi Yoo Hwa [Chae Young’s voice]
    • Jung Suk Yong [Voice of Joon Mo’s friend]
    • Jin Seon Kyu [Facebook man’s voice]

Tags: Thriller, Comedy, Drama, Multiple Couples, Game, Multiple Mains, Childhood Friends’ Relationship, Non-MDL Remake, Married Life, Divorced Male Lead, Animal Death, Time Skip, Slight Romance