Human curiosity make people’s behavior unexpected. An unemployed guy finds a pair of binoculars on the side of the road. He starts to spy on a man opposite to his house and sees a way to sneak into the man’s house. He thinks he can take whatever he wants, but he is in fact lured into a trap.

  • Known As
    • Invitation
    • 초대
    • Chodae
  • Country
    • South Korea
  • Category
    • Short Story
  • Duration
    • 22 min.
  • Rating
    • 18+
  • Director
    • Lee Jae Soo
  • Original Release Date
    • 04 January 2013
  • Main Characters
    • Lee Ju Seok [Neighbor business man]
    • Cha Seung Woo Sung Kyu
  • Supporting Characters
    • Lee Jae Soo [Ending man]
    • Shin Myung Sun [Beggar]

Tags: Gay Characters, LGBTQ+, Short Film, Suspense, Rape, Neighbors’ Relationship, Gay Male Lead, Jobless, LGBTQ+, Sexual Assault, Thriller

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