A Frozen Flower

Under the pressure of the Yuan Kingdom, the King of Goryeo is pressured to produce a successor to the throne. But the king is in love with his loyal general Hong Rim.

After seriously pondering the issue, the king asks his lover Hong Rim to sleep with the Queen, with unexpected consequences.

Production Information

  • Known As
    • A Frozen Flower
    • 쌍화점
    • Two Flowers Shop
    • Ssang Hwajeom
  • Country
    • South Korea
  • Category
    • Movie
  • Duration
    • 2 hr. 13 min.
  • Rating
    • 18+
  • Director
    • Yoo Ha
  • Executive Producer
    • Park Eun Kyung
  • Original Release Date
    • 30 December 2008
  • Main Characters
    • Zo In Sung Hong Rim
    • Joo Jin Mo Gong Min
    • Song Ji Hyo No Guk
  • Supporting Characters
    • Hong Jong Hyun Geon Ryong Wi
    • Kwon Tae Won Jo Il Moon
    • Shim Ji Ho Seung Ki
    • Go In Beom Yeon Gi Mok
    • Yeo Wook Hwan Im Bo
    • Im Joo Hwan Han Baek
    • Song Joong Ki No Tak
    • Noh Min Woo Min Woo
    • Do Yong Gu Ki Won Hong
    • Lee Jong Goo
    • Jung Sung Il [King’s man]
    • Kang Dong Gyun Hwan Gwan
    • Jang Ji Won Bo Deok
    • Kim Choon Gi [Eunuch Hwang]
    • Do Ye Sung Choi Kwan
    • Jo Jin Woong Queen’s Brother
  • Guest Appearances
    • Jang Yong Bok [Minister]



The Show

The Movie


Tags: Historical, Romance, Drama, Sexual Content, Infidelity, LGBTQ+, Nudity, Goryeo Dynasty, Love Triangle, Extreme Violence, Gay Male Lead, Forbidden Love, Death