99 Days

This drama mostly speaks about HIV and the importance of being tested and having safe sex.

It starts out with Ben and Mike passing out red ribbons, because of World Aids Day, and we are introduced to the characters. Mike meets Chris. Ben meets Tom and Don. Mike also wanders into Jerry. Tom and Don are discussing Don’s head injury…he was beaten up because he was gay.

Mike’s tap is broken in his apartment, he calls for maintenance and who shows up? Chris! something goes down…Mike does some flirting, some light molesting and despite being gay himself calls Mike a “stupid fag” and storms out. As the drama goes on we learn more about the connection between each of the guys.

Production Information

  • Known As
    • 99 Days
    • Wo He Ta De 99 Tian
    • Our 99 days
    • My And His 99 days
    • 我和他的99天
  • Country
    • Hong Kong
  • Category
    • Movie
  • Duration
    • 2 hr. 46 min.
  • Original Release Date
    • 01 December 2008
  • This project was created to raise awareness about AIDS and HIV in Hong Kong. Due to the intent of the show and a very low budget most of the cast and crew are not professional and are not listed anywhere I could find.
  • It is also listed as a long movie, but the only copy I could find is on the original creator’s YouTube channel, broken into 9 minute episodes;



The Show

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8


Tags: Romance, Drama, AIDS