A Capella

Set in the year 1969 in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

Noma Kyoko is a passionate female high school student who takes part in campus protests. One day, she meets university student Domoto Wataru in the tea cafe Mubansou (“A Cappella”). Kyoko falls in love with him, but as they grow closer she realizes his relationship with his friend, Yunosuke, is not something she anticipated.

Faced with choice of losing or hurting the one she loves, she hopes to make the right choice. In the end, the one that survives has to carry the burden of a love lost.

Production Information

  • Known As
    • A Capella
    • Mubansou
    • Mubanso
    • 無伴奏
  • Country
    • Japan
  • Category
    • Movie
  • Duration
    • 2 hr. 15 min.
  • Rating
    • 15+
  • Director
    • Yazaki Hitoshi
  • Original Release Date
    • 26 March 2016
  • Main Characters
    • Ikematsu Sosuke Wataru Domoto
    • Narumi Riko Kyoko Noma
    • Saitoh Takumi Seki Yunosuke
  • Supporting Characters
    • Matsumoto Wakana Domoto Setsuko
    • Mitsuishi Ken Noma Shinichi
    • Endo Nina Emma Takamiya
    • Nimura Sawa Juri
    • Saito Tomoko Noma Akiko
    • Fujita Tomoko Chiba Aiko



The Movie


Tags: Historical, Romance, Youth, Drama, Rebellious Female Lead, Attempted Suicide, 1960s, LGBTQ+, Sexual Content, Nudity, Misunderstanding, Coming Of Age, Adapted From A Novel, Friendship, Death Of A Main Character, Suicide