Adam’s Apples

What happens if you eat the fruit of the Tree of Life? ‘Adam’s Apples’ is a story of a homosexual who refuses to come out to himself and other people. (Source: IMDb)

Production Information

  • Known As
    • Adam’s Apples
  • Country
    • Philippines
  • Director
    • Jake Cocadiz
  • Original Release Date
    • Coming Soon
  • Main Characters
    • Kiko Matos Giovanni
    • Loren Burgos Olivia
  • Supporting Characters
    • Mercedes Cabral Petra Mortel
    • Elora EspaƱo Salvacion
    • Richard Quan Pablo Bautista
    • Rafael Rosell Juan Bautista
    • Orlando Sol Alex
    • Deborah Sun Purita Argento
    • Yussef Estevez Aurelio
    • Alvin Maghanoy Salvador Del Mundo
    • Danica Ontengco Benn Buendia
    • Allesandra Malonzo Salvacion [Young]
    • Timothy Mendoza Juan [Young]


Tags: Gay Characters, LGBTQ+, Gay Romance, Coming Out