A Distant Place

Jin Woo, who resides on a sheep ranch in Hwacheon, Gangwon-do, lives a quiet life with his daughter Seol. Ranch owner Joong Man and his daughter Moon Kyeong treat them as family. Soon after, Jin Woo’s male friend Hyun Min arrives at the ranch, and reveals that the two have been long-time lovers. They dream of living happily with Seol in this peaceful place.

However, with Jin Woo’s twin sister Eun Young’s visit, the conflict begins. In fact, Seol is Eun Young’s daughter but Jin Woo has been raising her because Eun Young disappeared. Like the close-up scene of the sheep wool in the beginning, A Far Place is a story that is not noticed from afar but revealed when looked closely. The local folks, who seemed friendly and gentle, show their true colors, and become exclusive and discriminatory as they learn about the truth of the two men. Even the intentions of family members, who thought they knew each other well, feel like ‘a far place.’ Like Jin Woo’s mind, the beautiful autumn landscape of Gangwon-do turns into harsh winter, but the film believes there is still a ray of hope. (Source: JIFF)

Production Information

  • Known As
    • A Distant Place
    • 정말 먼 곳
    • Jeongmal Meon Gos
    • Jeongmal Meon Geot
    • A Far Place
  • Country
    • South Korea
  • Category
    • Movie
  • Duration
    • 1 hr. 55 min.
  • Rating
    • 13+
  • Director
    • Park Kun Young
  • Screenwriter
    • Park Kun Young
  • Original Release Date
    • 06 August 2020
  • Main Characters
    • Kang Gil Woo Jin Woo
    • Hong Kyung Hyun Min
  • Supporting Characters
    • Lee Sang Hee Eun Young
    • Ki Joo Bong Joong Man
    • Ki Do Young Moon Kyeong
    • Choi Geum Soon Myeong Soon
    • Kim Si Ha ‘Seol’ Eun
    • Choi Won Yong [Doctor]
    • Jang Woo Jin [Military boss]
    • Hong Da Ye [Student]
    • Lee Mi Kyung [Student]
    • Lee In Ja [Student]
    • Yoo Kwang Soo [Student]
    • Kim Mi Kyung [Student]
    • Han Gi Yoon [Police constable #1]
    • Lee Jung Moon [Police constable #2]
    • Jeon Wooi Ja [Mourner]
    • Jang Hong Suk [Mourner]
    • Choi Young Ho [Mourner]
    • Eom Gi Baek [Mourner]
    • Jeon Min Woo [Youngster]
    • Jeon Hae Jin [Mother of an infant]
    • No Chi Hyung [Military sergeant]
    • Park Chul Hoon [Sergeant]
    • Choi Min Woo [Mr. Heo’s young man]
  • Guest Appearances
    • Oh Mi Sook [Student]
    • Jang Jun Hee Mr. Heo
    • Yang Heung Joo [Restaurant owner]



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Tags: Romance, Drama, Gay Male Lead, Gay Romance, Rural Life, Discrimination, LGBTQ+, Social Issues, Father-Daughter Relationship, Homophobia