Barbara Bar

Jun Mong is a 27-year-old who quit his drag queen activity due to the eyes of his surroundings, is trying to get a job. In order to buy a new suit for the job interview, he sells the dress and wig he used for dragging on a used market.

A person who wants to buy Jun Mong’s goods appears and Jun Mong goes to Barbara Bar, a drag bar that he is familiar with, to transact directly with the person.

(Source: GagaOOLala)

Production Information

  • Known As
    • Barbara Bar
    • 바바라바
  • Country
    • South Korea
  • Category
    • Short Story
  • Duration
    • 21 min.
  • Rating
    • Not Yet Rated
  • Director
    • Eunseo Kim
  • Original Release Date
    • 22 June 2020
  • Main Characters
    • Hwang Wonkyu
    • Lim Jiho
    • Park Seoksang

The Show


Tags: Drama, Gay Male Lead, Web Movie, Drag Queen, Short Film, LGBTQ+, Coming Of Age