Bad Romance

Yihwa, a single university girl, believes that she doesn’t need boys in her life and that she can survive without them. She thinks that boys are like iPhones, only there for decoration. However, when Yihwa goes to the condo of her best friend Korn and his partner Knock, she meets Cho.

Cho falls in love with Yihwa at first sight, but Yihwa does not feel the same way. Instead, Yihwa thinks that Cho is gay and wants a relationship with Knock. After meeting Yihwa, Cho starts to pursue her. Will Cho be able to get close to Yihwa and will she reciprocate his feelings?

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Production Information

  • Known As
    • Bad Romance
    • ตกหลุมหัวใจยัยปีศาจ
    • Ruk Raun Online The Series
    • รักร้อนออนไลน์ เดอะซีรี่ย์
    • Bad Romance: The Series
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  • Country
    • Thailand
  • Category
    • Series
  • Duration
    • 13 Episodes (65 min. each)
  • Rating
    • Not Yet Rated
  • Director
    • Dome Jade Bunyoprakarn
  • Original Creator
    • Dem Thanutnun Vitsivakun
  • Original Release Date
    • 18 July 2016
  • Main Characters
    • Tomo Visava Thaiyanont “Cho” Sunnawi Padenphataisan
    • Maengmum Tanshi Bumrungkit “Yiwha” Wanyiwha Pakantapathawi
    • Tul Pakorn Thanasrivanitchai Knock
    • Max Nattapol Diloknawarit “Korn” Kannapat Pithachaichan
  • Supporting Characters
    • Patty Petei Hokari Being
    • Earth Theekapat Chanwittayapong Martin
    • Mine Thanaporn Rattanasasiwimon Dewey
    • Boom Raweewit Jiraphongkanon Tanguy
    • Parprae Tharunya Manoleehakul “Mydear” Duthatai Sirinapakul
    • Simon Kessler James
    • Mikala Hazelwood Beauty
  • Guest Appearances
    • Big Krissada Supphapprom Phon



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Tags: Comedy, Romance, Drama, LGBTQ+, Multiple Couples, Misunderstanding, University, Mistaken As LGBTQ+, Student Supporting Character, Student Female Lead, Student Male Lead, Bisexual Male Lead, Best Friends’ Relationship, maxtul, tulmax